Andy Rowell is a comedian, musician, and filmmaker who lives in Chicago. He produces stage productions, viral media, and he can also be seen performing weekly with HOLY FUCK COMEDY HOUR.

He has written and directed shorts for GREEN SHOW LIVE, WGN-TV, iO COMEDY NETWORK, and CHICAGO COSTUME COMPANY. He has appeared on character showcases for COMEDY CENTRAL and JUST FOR LAUGHS.

Andy, who has been named "a totally out of the box comedian who explores the different horizons in the art of making people laugh" has made appearances on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT, E! NEWS, THE TODAY SHOW, and comedy feeds across the internet. 

His character, the TEQUILA GUY, was best described by Simon Cowell as "so stupid, I loved it." He recently released his new album UTAH TEAPOT, a collection of personal songs in collaboration with music publisher Earth Libraries.

He is set to premiere OUT OF THE LOOP, a Chicago-based sketch pilot with Cow Lamp Films and Questar Entertainment.