The first collection is a series of objects paired with text that I found a little hilarious back in 2016. Looking back, these little funny drawings were a precursor to my webseries, N O O D L E S, which is nothing if not an excuse to obsess over some objects for a little while. Or something like that.   


These illustrations were done on my 10.5 inch iPad Pro + Apple Pencil which I won in a joke contest by Pancheros Mexican Grill. Trust me, the reality of winning a joke contest from a place that sells chicken tacos is far funnier than the joke itself, so I'll spare you the setup. It wasn't a good joke by any real measure, but it was good enough to win the hearts of their marketing department. The 2nd place prize was free burritos for a year.

These are a couple articles I wrote that I thought were worth placing here. You can click on the accompanying image to read more. The climate change one is alright (seriously, the headline was the real money maker) but the Dale Earnhardt Jr. one might be worth scrolling through if you're into video games, NASCAR, photoshop, or the mysterious grey areas between those topics.

Wait a second... the more I talk the more I start believing in myself. Omg...