On My Mind | Artbox
  • On My Mind | Artbox

    Artbox is a new way to enjoy an album. It's an intimate selection of art, music, photography, and liner notes from your favorite artists — made for the palm of your hand.


    What's inside?

     • "On My Mind" complete digital download

     • 25 full-color squared prints

     • Single and album art by Lev Cantoral

     • Full tracklist + lyrics column

     • Bonus: "Catnip Garden" gridded puzzle


    Listen to the album, "On My Mind" releasing 12/6/2021 via Earth Libraries. And flip through your Artbox soon.

    • Product details

      • Dimensions: 2 inch x 2 inch x 1.75 inch
      • Material: .66mm clear lucite acrylic
      • Printed on 216 x 279 mm Bristol Vellum sheets
    • Shipping

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